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Our Policies

Fees and Payments: No insurance Accepted

Because of insurance billing and coding changes as well as increasing co-pays and deductibles, it is now cheaper to offer cash prices for our services. On January 1st 2016, Redi Care stopped participating in all insurance plans. We DO NOT participate with Medicare or Medicare either. We offer all our services at discounted prices paid at time of service. Our Fees are posted right up front. We accept cash, debit cards or credit cards. We DO NOT accept checks.

Office Visits

At Redi Care, we strive for convenient and efficient medical care. Therefore, we only see walk-in patients NO appointment required! We’re open during lunch and after most offices close as well as weekends and most holidays. It’s our goal to see patients on a first come first serve basis to keep wait times as low as possible. However, occasionally, emergencies occur and we have to advance a sicker patient ahead of others. Most importantly, our visits are just like your regular doctor’s office: you sign in, the nurse will call you back, take your weight, blood pressure, temperature and other vitals; then place you in a room for the provider to see you. After you check out and pick up your prescriptions you are done.

REDI CARE 4 Day Feel Better Policy

It is our goal to help you feel better as fast as possible. However, we understand that every person and condition is different and sometimes diseases can progress even with proper treatment. To serve our patients at the highest level, we offer a recheck policy unlike any other urgent care clinic around. We call it the “4 Day Feel Better” recheck policy. If you are not feeling better within four days of your visit to Redi Care, just return for a free recheck visit. If any additional tests are needed such as lab test or x-rays, you would only pay for the cost of those tests but not for the visit. New or unrelated problems or visits more than four days from prior visit would incur a new visit fee. We hope you feel better real soon!

Who should use Redi Care?

We see patients ages 1 year old and up for Physicals and minor illnesses and injuries. We offer visits on a walk-in basis with no appointment needed. We have an in-house lab and digital X-ray. We perform DOT exams, drug screens, pre-employment physicals, and some workers comp exams. All our services are offered at cash discounted prices due at time of service by cash, debit or credit card.

Medication Refills

As an acute care clinic, it is our goal to focus care on you current medical concerns not the long term or chronic ones. Thus, we do NOT provide long term refills for medications. It is our desire that you have a primary care physician that can monitor your ongoing medical issues. We would be happy to send any of your visit records to your regular doctor.

Pain Medication

Pain is a real medical concern and often can be a signal to serious medical problem. At Redi Care, we have limited resources to evaluate and treat long term pain. Also, we do not keep or use narcotic pain medications in our office. We recommend having your primary care physician evaluate your long term pain and consider pain management referral.

Return Phone Calls

It is our goal to provide rapid and effective medical care in a family friendly office. To do this, we often have limited time to handle immediate phone calls. We will make every effort to return your call as soon as possible.

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