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We have RAPID Covid-19 testing available and

now offering WEIGHT LOSS Visits!



Why pay your $30 co-pay with commercial insurance for urgent care, then get billed the remaining balance if you have not met your deductible this year? That is what will happen to you. Call your insurance company to find out this truth. Go to franchise urgent cares, and you will pay about $250-500 out of pocket in the end. You arent getting away with anything. Just bypass this grief, and pay cash with us. Our visits start at $95.



It’s our mission to provide convenient, safe and effective healthcare for your family in a timely manner at reasonable prices.

Redi Care Urgent Care offers convenient walk-in medical care for minor illnesses and injuries that are non-life-threatening. Our staff of healthcare professionals have years of experience in family and urgent care medicine offering safe and effective medical care for your family.

We can do this because we do not accept insurance but provide cash based services with transparent prices listed right up front.

We also provide Covid-19 screenings and antibody testing, physical exams, DOT exams, TB skin testing (PPDs), drug screens, vaccines, and occupational health services. All services are walk-in based and NO appointment needed.

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